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why not spanish podcast

Spanish Obsessed offers excellent language-learning programs by a real-life couple who are Spanish speakers. Get The FULL Inspired Beginners Super Pack! We pay for rent (pagamos arriendo) every month. We took our experiences teaching and learning a foreign language and put it into 10 tips for you. Podcasts are great because not only do they teach you a lot, but they are usually quite entertaining. Listen to episodes of the Spanish Duolingo podcast for compelling, true-life stories that improve your Spanish listening and comprehension skills. You need to get your head out of your textbook and start hearing real Spanish, the kind that is spoken by millions of people all over the world. News in Slow Spanish is a weekly podcast for Spanish learners (although they have different versions of the podcast in other languages). The Podcast is primarily spoken in Spanish and features important elements of the Spanish language, grammar, and other key questions that come up from time to time. Throughout the podcasts the listener is invited and encouraged to repeat words and phrases out loud. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. It features 80 fun lessons of 15-20 minutes each. This weekly RTVE podcast lives at the intersection of science and science fiction. Your hosts for these conversational classes are Mark, an experienced language teacher, and his student Kara – so there’s someone sitting in the learner seat right by you. Parcast Network. Duolingo. Españolistos is a weekly podcast hosted by a couple, Andrea, who is from Colombia, and Nate, who is from the United States. We’ve provided an overview of nine great ones, and provided some in-depth descriptions so that you can review and pick ones that suit your needs and tastes. "Why Is This Happening? Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Play store. This lively and engaging podcast series for all … These new episodes of these podcasts are released regularly so the learning never ends! There have been more than 14 million worldwide downloads of their Spanish audio since 2005. Beginners can start listening to the episodes from Season 1, and each season gets a little bit more advanced as you progress in your Spanish learning. It’s sort of like vocabulary flashcards for you to review all the words you’ve learned up until now. This podcast is best for true beginners, as they are lessons that start from the very basics, like greetings and introductions. FluentU brings Spanish to life with real-world videos. Coffee Break Spanish provides transcripts of their podcasts, but only for paid premium members. Instead of sticking to the main TED page, you’ll need to go to the less strictly-curated TEDxTalks page to find talks originally given in Spanish.. Coffee Break Spanish, created by Radio Lingua Network, is one of the most popular podcasts for people who are learning Spanish. Get It Here! Unlocking Us with Brené Brown. Ben Curtis and Marina Diez live in Madrid, Spain, and have been making on-line podcasts, audio and video since May 2005, with over 40 Million worldwide downloads of our Spanish audios since then.. Our Spanish audio brings you authentic, real Spanish conversations about real-life topics, making you totally confident with your Spanish. (Download). The podcasts are in Spanish and cover a large variety of real-life situations. This helps you to learn about the way the language is spoken in different regions you may be traveling to or are interested in. Opening a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic may not … The great thing about these audio dialogues is that they cover a range of levels – from complete Newbie, all the way to Native if you’ve been around Spanish for a while, so you don’t have to feel left out whether you’re a novice looking for easy audios, or you’re approaching native level and just looking for audios to brush up your listening skills! If you are not a true beginner, you might want to skip ahead and start with season 2. This lively and engaging podcast series for all levels of Spanish language learners was conceived by two Malaga-based brothers as a non-profit enterprise. Radio Ambulante is well known for its excellent journalism. can take anywhere. Notes in Spanish is made by a husband and wife team based in Madrid. Learn a ton about not only the state of Veracruz, where both Hector and Beto are from but also lots of fun Mexican phrases that you won’t find in your Spanish books. The episodes last an average of 30 minutes, and you can listen to this podcast and access its transcripts as well as English translations for free. So many Spanish podcasts, so little time! In the podcasts, they speak 99 percent Spanish, and usually, Andrea takes the role of teacher and Nate takes the role of student. The dialogues are repeated several times and a wealth of supporting material is provided. You can listen to recent episodes of your favorite podcasts and subscribe using your app of choice. in French linguistics. But what separates the average person from the infamous cheaters we see on the news? Audiria is a rich source of material and when we say rich we really mean it. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Podcasts in Spanish has free podcasts for Spanish learners based on natural conversations and real Spanish. The hosts of this podcast are a couple named Ben and Marina, who live in Spain. NPR's home to showcase all of the podcasts from the NPR family. What’s unique about this is that for each word that shows, multiple clips where that word is used are also showed below. One of the big leaders of the Spanish language podcast field is Coffee Break Spanish. Tune in as Jim and May chat with Hector and Beto from No Hay Tos, a podcast that teaches Spanish through informal Mexican Spanish conversations about various different topics. We also offer our supporters on Patreon several exclusive benefits to make the most out of this podcast such as a grammar and vocabulary study guide per episode and an interactive transcript! Both are Scottish, but their accents are good. Crain's Daily Gist podcast: Why new restaurants are opening despite the pandemic. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you Well, it turns out that they also have created podcasts for learning Spanish and French. You have probably heard of the popular language-learning app called Duolingo. What makes FluentU unique is the platform’s design. The host for the podcast, Daniel Alarcón, is Peruvian, but each episode features different Spanish speakers from all over the world. They cover current events, cultural, historical, emotional, and many other topics. Dan Ariely says … Although they do have beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions, this podcast is mostly recommended for intermediate learners.

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