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In the Bitlife New Update 2020, Bitizens can now try New Looks all of them which are free. Esta actualización incluye la posibilidad de poseer hechos aéreos, embarcaciones, joyas y otros artículos de lujo. Orange- The color depicts that the aircraft has some minor issues. Even if they don’t, they’re still nice add-ons nonetheless, so read on to find out all about BitLife version 1.32 and its new features. Flight School can be found underneath Driving License, and upon clicking here, you will have the choice to take one hour (which would usually be little more than $100 for U.S. Bitizens, $150 for U.K. Bitizens, and so on) of classes or to splurge and go for 10 hours. The previous bug of not being able to choose the name of your children is fixed in BitLife Luxury Update. Of course, you will find real and much more expensive rings and other articles of jewelry in the legit jeweler’s store. This is a great way to boost your Happiness stat due to the enjoyment it provides, and while we’re figuring it’s possible for Bitizens to crash their plane and die (especially on one with its Condition bar at red or orange), we’ve yet to experience it in testing. In fact if you buy bitlife cheaper boats or jet skis, you won’t’ need a license at all. Related: BitLife 1.31 Challenges Update Guide: Everything You Need to Know About BitLife Version 1.31 aka The Challenges Update. There's even more […] As for the other types of jewelry, the options will be similar to the ones you have for heirlooms — you can discard, donate, clean, gift, or sell them, in specific. For example, you’d probably want to choose Lookout Point or Classical Concert if you want them to say yes. Every few weeks or so, Candywriter releases new updates that come packed with a ton of new or revamped features, and that’s again the case with version 1.32, or the Luxury Update — this is your chance to make your Bitizens truly live the high life by buying planes, boats, expensive jewelry, and other goodies that may or may not have actual bearing on gameplay. The costs may depend on the price of the car, plane, or boat you purchased, so if you’re trying to maintain a used Ford Focus, it won’t cost you as much as maintaining a Bentley or a Lamborghini, and definitely not as much as any kind of plane or higher-end boats. Now, however, you’ll actually need to choose a spot where you wish to propose to your partner, and make sure you’ve got a ring to put on their finger. The first facet of the Luxury Update we’ll be discussing in depth is aircraft ownership. As far as the Inside Game Interface is concerned, there are no major or otherwise changes in the current Bitlife V 1.32.1 Update. Dating and Getting Hitched in Bitlife used to be very easier, just spend some time with your significant other, don’t cheat on them, same for insults, and maybe shower them with the compliments. Bitlife Watercraft, Water Yards and Fun Water Activities. As we mentioned above, there are two places in the Shopping section where you can purchase engagement rings — a legit jeweler and a “shady” one. There is, however, one gameplay aspect where changing your look at the Salon does more than simply alter your appearance. #Bitlfe_New_Looks Also a Part of The Latest #Bitlife_version1_32_1. The best thing about BitLife is that the game just keeps getting bigger (while still relatively lightweight enough in terms of storage space taken up) and better, and there’s still a ton of things that can be added to make the game even more realistic than it already is. You will find the following three different conditions: The next thing you must note if you are willing to buy airplane in Bitlife is that you will find two types of dealers for Bitlife airplane viz-. The new logo has the same color background, however, a diamond/prism is integrated into the logo with a rainbow passing through in the background. (At the moment, there is no option to change the color of your facial hair.) As for our criminal Bitizens, you must now be aware of the new friend of the ‘blind man’ who can now call cops on you. Aside from all the interesting features of the latest BitLife Luxury Update, there were plenty of small changes too. If you don’t have a boating license, you can go ahead and purchase the cheaper boats and jet skis and go to the Assets menu, tap on the water vehicle of your choice, then choose Ride to head out to the water for a big boost in Happiness. Before buying an airplane, you’ll need to complete 40 hours of flight school, available in the new and revamped Licenses sub-menu under Activities. Other than that, proposing was a walk in the park. This would come into play if you’ve made your will out to your child, for instance, and you die/get killed before they reach the age of 18. If you’ve been hoping for the day that your Bitizens can take advantage of such luxuries, then consider yourself lucky, because version 1.32 also includes the option to buy various types of boats and other types of water-based vehicles. If you haven’t upgraded the game to version 1.32.1 yet, please do so if you want to choose your own names for your children! Once this happens, the child will keep any vehicles, houses, or heirlooms that can be found under Assets once you start playing as them — naturally, they won’t be able to drive the vehicles just yet or make any other “adult” decisions regarding these items, but at least they’ll have something to look forward to once they turn 18.

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